Was That a Glitch, or am I Dreaming?

Hi, all. Here it is, the finished list of what was wrong with each performance of “A Christmas Carol” this year. I have categorized them by performance. Thursday, 12/21: Marley skipped many of his lines, the bed was quite misplaced, my costume change from a caroler/dancer into the Spirit of Christmas Present was too short, and Theresa missed a few light cues. “Touch my robe” began the “Streets of London” sound cue, but she was supposed to wait until Scrooge actually touched Present’s robe. That, and she brought up too many lights after the scene change into Present. I wasn’t …

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"A Christmas-Caroling Performance"

Tonight was the first public performance of the Stagecoach Performance Company’s version of “A Christmas Carol”. It went off nearly problem-free. I’ll detail the problems with each performance at a later date, but for now, suffice it to say it was OK for the first run. Expect a list of problems with each performance sometime next week.

"A Christmas-Caroling Rehearsal"

While I have never posted about my theater exploits in the past, I find it necessary to do so now. Just today, I began tech week for “A Christmas Carol”. For those of you who do not know this term, it is the week, give or take a few days, preceding a play’s performance run. During this week or so, performers spend long hours rehearsing and working out technical issues so the performance can be as perfect as possible. For more information, see the tech week article on Wikipedia.This particular tech week is only three days, since performances are Thursday, …

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