How I Beat Blogger and Redirected to WordPress

Yes, I really and truly have from Blogger. I know there are a lot of guides out there, but I think the method I used was different enough to warrant a new post. (I won’t duplicate the steps of setting up the new WordPress site and importing the content from Blogger; that’s pretty obvious, and it’s well covered elsewhere. Redirecting is the art form that’s been changing every few months.) Obligatory Rant Getting away from Blogger is really much harder than it should be. There should be a process to verify with Google that one is not a spammer trying …

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Updated Topify Gmail Filters

Well, Twitter got prettier follow and direct message notifications today. Bully for them. Now I have to publish this update. Update (05/07, 22:45): My update was broken, so the update had to be updated. The filter should now catch DMs, too. Believe it or not, I was wrong that Twitter changed the address that direct message notifications come from; it stayed the same. So that part of the filter didn’t need to change. All’s well that ends well, right? Update 2 (05/07, 23:05): Well, scratch the new filters. Twitter went back to the old From addresses tonight. Y’all can use …

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How To: Safely Use Twitter Notification Enhancement Services

Latest update: 2010-11-20: Twitter tweaked the addresses again. Remove the twitter- part of the addresses in your filters if you’ve set them up. Update (2010-11-11): Twitter changed their addressing scheme again. See below for instructions. As you all have probably heard, Twitter is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. All the new users mean more follower notifications arriving in my inbox, and Twitter’s default messages aren’t very useful. (The direct message notifications are pretty bare-bones, too, but I don’t get many of those so it wasn’t a priority.) Update (05/06): Twitter prettified their emails, but I still think Topify’s are …

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FeedBurner Migration Troubles on

Image by rudolf_schuba via FlickrI didn’t exactly blog about it outright, but I do remember expressing a reasonable amount of uncertainty when I that I moved my FeedBurner account to Google’s servers. Yes I am an early adopter; the deadline may not be until the end of February, but do you really want to make something of it? Apparently Google did. As part of the migration process, I had to ask the DNS administrator for (I wish I could do things like this myself, but I can’t) to change the entry for the feeds subdomain from feeds CNAME …

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Gmail Tips

There are tips and then there are tips. I was just emailed by someone from another site, which yesterday published a lengthy list of tips for using Gmail effectively. Some highlights include a few I’ve already heard of (Zoli Erdos’ guide to importing old mail comes to mind), and a few ingenious hacks (like embedding MP3s in email; no specific link, just go near the bottom of the above-linked list). While the list mentions using Gmail’s labels, it didn’t seem to explain anything about them; so might complement those other tips. It’s not something I usually do here, blogging just …

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Remember The Milk’s Flawed Sharing Model

Two days ago, I discovered my first glaring error in Remember The Milk. Two days ago, my mom signed up for the service. Two days ago, I shared a few lists with her as an experiment. Two days ago, I had to come up with a good hack, and fast. That hack had to do one thing, and do it well: It had to get the shared lists out of her account. In other words, it had to unshare those lists. The Dissertation One would think that the ability to stop sharing something is an integral part of the sharing …

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Blogger Apostrophe Workaround

I think I’ve found a workaround for the . I tried using an apostrophe character at the place I wanted the apostrophe, and it turned into a quote after save, but I got an idea from one of Blogger’s comment notification emails to replace the apostrophe character position with '. That appears to display an apostrophe instead of getting converted to a quote. I’ll see if it holds.

Buzz Around New Gmail Macros

As many hardcore Gmail users know, Mihai Parparita, one of the Google Reader developers, wrote a script nearly two years ago named, aptly, Gmail Macros. Since then, the members of the GMail Power Users group on Google Groups have made countless modifications, and released several different versions. Some of the modifications were integrated into Mihai’s script by Mihai himself. Fast-forward to this month, when Mihai re-wrote the “official” version to be compatible with the . Since then, Brent Nef has updated his version, and a new GreaseMonkey (forgive the pun) going by the name of GreenPlastik has also been making …

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New Gmail + Tab Mix Plus = Problem?

It is possible for users of both the new Gmail version and the Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox to have problems downloading attachments. When clicking the “Download” link, the Gmail tab is blanked, and can only be restored by reloading. Tab Mix Plus developers are working on a fix. In the mean time, there are three possible workarounds: Go into Tab Mix Plus settings -> Prevent blank tabs when downloading files -> EDIT and remove the entries /disp=attd&view=att/ and /view=att&disp=attd/ from the list. Lock the Gmail tab. Middle-click or Ctrl+click on the link.

Hacker Software Jailbreaks iPhones Without a Computer

This seems to be an Apple banner day: three out of five news items concern the company. The latest news? A hacker program for the iPhone named AppSnapp installs itself on iPhone and iPod Touch devices by exploiting a vulnerability in the embedded Safari browser, and then patches the vulnerability after installation. A rather interesting idea, that is. The website for the program boasts that your device is more secure with AppSnapp than it is without, as the vulnerability used is a long-standing TIFF handler problem. The program does not unlock the phone; users must use anySIM for that. The …

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