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If you’re here, you probably have an opinion to voice about my post or its subject matter because you clicked the link to this comment policy. I welcome your thoughts. However, the first rule of commenting here at Technobabbles is: Be courteous. Comments that are rude, indecent, brash, etc. will be deleted without notice. So if you’re writing in anger, please take a moment to collect your thoughts and write a masterful opus, rather than an irate rant.

I also reserve the right to remove irrelevant comments and those that contain links I determine to be spam.

Finally, I have WordPress set up to flag comments mentioning potentially sensitive “real-life” info about me, and I reserve the right to restructure individual sentences of such comments. 1e.g. “You’ve written a great post, Real Name!” => “You’ve written a great post!” If you know me in the offline world, please try to avoid using my real name or other info like that in a comment. I apologize in advance for any false positives.


Please note that first-time commenters are always moderated. You should get a notice after posting that “Your comment is awaiting moderation” but if not, please be patient. I’ll approve comments as soon as possible.

About the “perpetual license” thing: It just lets me show your comment on this site. It’s just stated in a rather legal-sounding way.

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1. e.g. “You’ve written a great post, Real Name!” => “You’ve written a great post!”

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