Tempera Painting Over LightWord: Theme Switch

closeThis post was published 3 years 10 months 5 days ago. A number of changes have been made to the site since then, so please contact me if anything is broken or seems wrong.

Since 2009, the venerable LightWord theme has provided this site’s look and feel. However, LightWord’s developer sold it to a third party years ago after losing interest in maintaining it,1 and the last update was pushed to WordPress Trac nearly 4 years ago, on January 11, 2012.2

WordPress has come a long, long way in that time—and LightWord already lacked support for a few of the newest WordPress features back in 2012. While setting up a new site this week for a college friend, and helping her choose a theme, I realized just how much I’ve been missing out since (attempting to) revive my blogging habit.

So, I’m painting over LightWord with Tempera, which was last updated less than a month ago. The team, judging by the tone of the settings pages, has a good, wry sense of humor. (They say something about the colors in Tempera all being mixed from just two things: coffee and their own blood.) Hopefully I’ll be motivated to post more often now that I have a theme that supports post formats, and not everything has to be a standard-post-with-a-title. If nothing else, I’ll have to keep coming back for a while to finish tweaking the layout.

Oh, and if you happen to notice something that looks odd, it would be really helpful if you could let me know. Thanks!

  1. My source for this is personal communication with the developer. I’ve had commit access to LightWord on GitHub for years, but that repository is not used for updates and I’m not particularly interested in rewriting the whole thing. []
  2. I have no idea where the 2015 date on the WordPress Theme Directory page comes from. Trac’s log clearly shows the last commit in 2012. []


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