Sneaky ATM Fees with US Bank

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OK, I’ve about had it with ATMs. It’s bad enough that some of them charge ridiculous $2 and $3 (or more) fees for transactions, but at least when you’re making a withdrawal they tell you about it. Always. 1Which is to say that I’ve never withdrawn money and gotten a charge that I wasn’t warned about. Doesn’t mean it never happens.

So imagine my surprise when I logged into my bank’s website today to find a $2 fee from US Bank for a transfer I made using one of their ATMs. When I made the transfer, no mention was made of a fee.

I’m more than a little irritated with this—I think justifiably so. Since when is it acceptable to charge a hidden fee? This is the kind of thing that gets customers angry enough to switch banks, and I’m very glad that I don’t do business with US Bank.

Here’s a note I wrote to Customer Service, in the hopes of resolving this particular situation:

I used a US Bank ATM last Friday to transfer funds between two of my accounts. On checking my transaction records today, I found a $2 ATM fee that had not been disclosed to me at the ATM.

It is extremely disappointing to me that US Bank would charge a fee without explicitly notifying the customer that a fee would apply and giving the option to cancel the transaction. When I attempted to withdraw cash, I was presented with an information screen noting that there would be a $2 charge for the transaction if I continued with the withdrawal; I canceled.

How can I trust US Bank’s ATMs if I get charged fees without any notice? Please get in touch with me to arrange a refund of the undisclosed fee.

Thank you,


I’m going to consider this an “open letter”. I’ll continue to provide updates on this situation.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that their email form wouldn’t accept my email address with only one character before the @ sign. It was “not a valid format”. My letter included a postscript about that, don’t worry.

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1. Which is to say that I’ve never withdrawn money and gotten a charge that I wasn’t warned about. Doesn’t mean it never happens.


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  1. You should check out — It’s being started by top tech entrepreneurs (including someone from Twitter I think?). The idea is that the company would use GOOD, RECENT technology, have no ATM fees, absolutely no hidden fees, and a very simple account structure. It’s not open yet, but I think they’re launching in the next few months.

    • Yes, I signed up for an invite a while ago; never heard back from them. Alex Payne is a co-founder, and that’s how I heard about it.

      Thing is, I almost never use ATMs and my bank is tiny (they don’t have any of their own machines outside their branches). The fee was kind of a sting, especially because several people I know have basically told me to stay away from US Bank.

      Anyway, here’s hoping BankSimple sends me an invite sometime soon.

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