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Facebook is teeming with chain notes like this. Usually I ignore them, but this one was actually interesting. So, I’m filling it out. Facebookers, I’m giving you guys a link to this post; Facebook is still not getting any content from me, besides statuses and comments.

Without further ado, the “survey”:

What was the first play you ever did?
I believe it was The Wizard of Oz. I was a munchkin. (I was also seven years old.)
What was your most recent show?
Interesting question. The last show I was really “in” was Romeo & Juliet at Children’s Theatre Company (part of their educational division, not the production that just closedβ€”which was awesome). It was actually just a series of five scenes from the show, not the whole thing.I’ve been involved in a couple other shows since then, including Imaginary Invalid (as a musician in the lobby, pre-show) and a selection of scenes, songs, and dance that really can’t be called a “show” (it was a “revue”).
What was your favorite show/role?
My favorite show would have to be Alice In Wonderland at Temple of Aaron.My favorite role was Martin in “Canker Sores and Other Distractions” from Performance Company last Spring.
What was your most challenging show/role?
So far, my most challenging show was Tristan & Yseult at Cherubs last summer. (Yes, I’ll eventually get a post done. I hope.) The whole show was just so different from what I’d done in the past, it took some adjusting. Not to mention my character (Morholt, an evil Irish ruler) was actually a shadow version of another actress’s part, so that was a challenging role for the same reason.
What is the most bizarre show or role you’ve ever done?
Morholt’s “shadow”, as mentioned above, was probably the most bizarre role.In some ways, TY was also the most bizarre show, but I think last Spring’s collection of Christopher Durang short plays takes the cake.
Has anyone ever written a show for you?
Nope. I’m not that good/lucky/both. πŸ˜›
Have you ever quit a show to accept a better one?
I haven’t had the opportunity. I know people that have, though.
Have you ever completely blown character on stage?
Not that I can recall, but I can think of a few roles where I wasn’t doing much acting in the first place.
What show(s) are you just dying to do?
I can only think of one, but it’s not on the list any more. (Grease used to be on this list, but I’m now convinced I couldn’t pull off any of the parts.)
Have you ever done one of your “dream” shows?
Who was your favorite director?
I’m torn between Simon McAllister and David Chapman.
Who was your least favorite director?
Liebo! He’s not even a theatre person; he’s a temple youth director.
What is the most surprising role you have ever been offered?
King Duncan in the Scottish play. Me, kingly? No way. πŸ˜€
Have you ever injured yourself onstage or offstage?
Once. It was last summer (dang I have to write the post!). We were in tech rehearsal and were practicing with blood packs. I had to get one on my face, because my character’s eye was supposedly stabbed out. Laundry detergent sucks. (Since both of us eye-pack actors ended up with soap in our respective eyes, the packs were cut the following day.)
What show(s) have you done multiple times?
Aladdin (the British pantomime) and Nutcracker. Update (23:20): I forgot about The Wizard of Oz. Did that twice, too; the second time, I was the Lion.
Have you ever had an onstage kiss?
Nope. Don’t want one. It’s not that I’d be embarassed; I just don’t want to kiss random people. That, I want to save for someone special.
What was your scariest moment in a show?
My monologue in Working (at StageCoach) as Rex Winship. Or maybe Tom Patrick. Both parts were kind of a stretch for me. No, wait. The tornado sirens going off during Working were worse.
What is your best show memory?
Pulling off my first real stage combat in the aforementioned production of Romeo & Juliet. (Hey, I never blogged about that one! Crap. Oh, I know why… Duh. Don’t ask.)
What is your worst show memory?
I totally left a fellow actor in the lurch during a scene change in A Village Fable. (I never blogged about that one either? Double crap. I don’t know why, this time.)
What is your saddest show memory?
Strike at Cherubs. That meant the shows were all over. All ten of them.
Do you have any theatrical superstitions?
Besides the obvious Scottish Play stuff? Three-night runs will always have a bad night… on day two.


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  1. Margaret Sch.

    Very interesting, thanks! I hadn’t noticed the link to this on Facebook. Glad to read about your theater-related thoughts and memories. You might have some updating to do on this post after the internship you’re doing now?

  2. Something like this won’t get updated. I might do it again a few years later, though. I like to leave this kind of thing as a snapshot in time, a record of my views and thoughts from a given time in my past.

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