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I myself am included in those users. While I probably won’t be participating* in the event, I thought I’d still call attention to it, within my small sphere of influence, in case some of you want to take part.

Anyway, this Twit-Out, as it’s being called, was started by a couple people on FriendFeed: Shey Smith and Bwana McCall. Shey came up with an initial what-if question that sparked Bwana’s idea to actually do something. Then Andrew Dobrow came along and made the logo you see at the beginning of this post.

So this Wednesday, May 21, is the first Twit-Out event. If you want to join in and try to get Twitter to realize that reliability is important (I’m sure they do already, to play the devil’s advocate — at least to some extent), just don’t tweet on May 21. It’s pretty simple. If you have accounts at Pownce and Jaiku, just use them. Heck, use Twhirl to post to FriendFeed instead of Twitter.

I have cross-posting set up within Twhirl so my stuff shows up in three places, but I’m not sure if I could kill posting to Twitter (with an incorrect password or somesuch) while retaining the other two services. Since I don’t plan to officially participate*, I’ll let you come up with your own solution. Unfortunately I have other things that need doing tonight.

While I’m not sure it’ll accomplish anything, it’s certainly a worthy cause. We’ve already seen Twitter become a very useful communication tool, and some people and even businesses rely on it daily. If it keeps going down, that’s a lot of potential lost profits and time for users (however legally exempt Twitter is from actually caring about that). Though people not using Twitter is kind of the opposite thing one would expect to get them to beef up their systems…

* – May 21 will be the first performance of a show I’m in, so I anticipate being busy and away from Twitter for much of the day anyway. My tweeting will likely be pretty low all next week, actually.

[Image credit: Jersey, Suburbia by Andrew Dobrow; used with permission. Notes: I converted the image to PNG format; that is the only modification. Originally Andrew’s blog had the ability to link to specific comments, but in the last few days the theme has been changed and that feature removed.]


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