Summer Not Quite as Booked…

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I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’ve been distracted (so what else is new?) by homework, SimCity 4 (which I actually succeed at now), and (the largest offender) being sick. Writing has definitely taken a back seat, but I have some things I definitely want to blog about when I find the time. This one is just the most breaking.

Sometimes things are too good to be true.

Remember when I said I’d been accepted to the Musical Theatre Extension at Northwestern? Turns out that was a mistake. Let me explain. (I’m still in the theatre program; just not the Extension.)

In the list of requirements for the Musical Theatre part, there was a request for a video of me singing a solo piece, accompanied. That was never made, and never sent. My mom called the office (I don’t like talking on the phone) to ask about it, and they said not to worry about it.

Apparently, I wasn’t considered for that program. I made it into the five-week regular program only, which also means I don’t need the digital recorder after all. (I can still bring it — could be useful; it’s just not on the packing list any more.)

The woman at the office made a note of my change, but it never got entered into the database, and so the letter was sent with incorrect information. (That’s what she said in the voicemail I got today, at any rate.) Oh well, I guess I get more time to relax this way. Two more weeks to not be bustling about campus.


I am an avid technology and software user, in addition to being reasonably well-versed in CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, and (though it still scares me) Perl. Aside from my technological tendencies, I am also a theatre technician, sound designer, violinist, singer, and actor.

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