Google Health First Impression

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It resonated throughout the blogosphere a couple days ago that Google Health (<– the actual service page) finally launched. This has been coming for a long time; it’s more than six months since I found out about it, and it was in the works for a while before then. Glad it finally came out (marked “BETA”, as is Google’s routine).

So, I signed up for it. What else would I do? (And I think my mom was trying it out, too; she read the TOS at the very least.) Though it’s going to be a fight between Google Health and Google Web History for the gh network shortcut…

The interface was a bit disappointing. It takes a while to load, and isn’t really as “pretty” as Gmail or Google Reader. It’s usable, but doesn’t seem quite Googley enough (though I think it’s built on the Google Web Toolkit, given the script and image file paths containing /gwt/). There are also several functions that load different pages and make you reload the interface when you’re done (like the service- and care-provider directories).

Ignoring those things, it’s pretty neat. There are great auto-completion menus for all the data fields and it allows for the creation of multiple profiles. I’m just waiting for the day when some local care providers are supported for importing, but meanwhile I suppose I could get my records and enter things myself (next month, not now, if at all; see below).

I know this is a terse review, but I haven’t had that long to play with it and don’t have time to write too much right now. Sometimes, I hate tech weeks. But that’s just how it goes. The sites I linked at the beginning of this post have more information if you’re interested. This is basically just my “w00t!” post that shows I’ve noticed the launch and have played with it, no matter how little. Now back to homework and reviewing lines for tonight’s performance (our first one).


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