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There are tips and then there are tips. I was just emailed by someone from another site, which yesterday published a lengthy list of tips for using Gmail effectively.

Some highlights include a few I’ve already heard of (Zoli Erdos’ guide to importing old mail comes to mind), and a few ingenious hacks (like embedding MP3s in email; no specific link, just go near the bottom of the above-linked list). While the list mentions using Gmail’s labels, it didn’t seem to explain anything about them; so my views on using labels properly might complement those other tips.

It’s not something I usually do here, blogging just a link — I think such practices contribute too much to the “echo chamber” view many people hold of the Internet — but rather than just submission to StumbleUpon, etc., I thought this one deserved a mention. Partly because it’s a great list, and partly because the author took the time to reach out and ask me if this list would be useful to my readers (the few of you that there are, heh heh).

I note that the Gmail tips list is that blog’s inaugural post, and I just left the third comment ever on the site (judging from its fragment ID, #comment-3). It might still be awaiting moderation; I haven’t time to check.

But anyway, go read the list. Even I learned a few things, and I (at least like to think I) am an expert Gmail user. There’s something in it for everyone.

As a side note, I probably will be continuing my sparse blogging schedule, as this is tech week for one theatrical production and next week is another, then I play in the orchestra at a graduation ceremony for my local high school. Plus I am behind in schoolwork. So all this Internet stuff is going to have to go on the back burner until a few of these commitments are out of the way.


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