Digital Voice Recorder Upgrade

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This is just a quick note that the post I was planning to do about a week from now detailing my experiences with the Roland EDIROL R-09 I got last month won’t be happening. I turned it in to Best Buy today (technically it was yesterday, because of the midnight thing) and am waiting on a specially ordered R-09HR unit. The estimated arrival is 4-6 weeks. If it arrives in five weeks or less, I’ll get it before going to Northwestern for the summer; if it takes too long, it will have to wait until I get back.

Anyway, I decided to upgrade because of a lot of reasons. First, there are new features in the new version (well, duh) like an integrated speaker and a remote (see my reasons for considering the upgrade for more). Second, the price is actually exactly the same. I was wrong when I said Best Buy doesn’t carry it. According to the salesman I talked to, the stuff in the musical department shouldn’t be on the website, and said my finding the R-09 on there was a mistake — yeah, one that got them an extra sale.

That means the listing I found on eBay was apparently overpriced by $20, and it didn’t even include shipping from Japan (who knows how much that’d be). Suffice it to say I’m glad I didn’t decide to figure out a way to get that one. I’m getting the updated version with the speaker, included software, remote, and all kinds of stuff, for the same price, and all it costs me is a month of use (of the old one, because I had to return it). I say it’s a good deal. All my performances for the rest of this Spring will probably be videotaped anyway, if recorded at all.


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