Thinking of a Recorder Upgrade

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About missing yesterday: I was pretty much offline the whole day, with no time to blog. Posting will probably be slightly less regular for now, since I have more things to do these days.

Remember my research on digital voice recorders? That was last week. I didn’t do very well. Apparently I neglected to find the Roland EDIROL R-09HR, which is an improved version of the R-09 I got last week. It includes a built-in preview speaker, a remote control, editing software, and more sampling frequencies (higher ones).

The higher sampling frequencies aren’t particularly useful for me at the moment — the highest I plan to go is 16-bit wave at 44.1 kHz, or CD-quality — but the speaker, remote, and software would be useful to have.

There is a problem, though: Best Buy doesn’t have the new model yet. Their customer support department (I sent a message through their website) doesn’t know about future product lines. I remembered about Guitar Center last night and checked their website to find that they also sell the R-09, and sent another message. I got a response a few hours ago saying to check with my local store.

Fortunately we were near that store earlier today (before I got an answer, actually) and had stopped in to ask. The salesman I queried didn’t know anything more specific than “it hasn’t shipped yet”. He gave me a vague time-frame of a month or two. (The stop made me half an hour late to a workshop with the robotics team this evening, too. My mom decided we needed to try the wall of digital keyboards… OK, I also got carried away. 😉

I found a listing on eBay for the R-09HR, priced $20 more than the R-09 unit I got last week, which gave me a release date of March 28 for the new model. That was a month ago. Why hasn’t it shipped yet? Strange… Oh wait, the seller was in Japan, where Edirol Corporation is based. Duh…

Anyway, my current plan is to find a time to stop by Best Buy and see if the store I got my current unit from will take it back around the end of next month and give me credit toward the new model. Better yet, I’ll ask if they can pre-order one for me. Beyond that, I don’t know what to do until it hits shelves.

Anyone else have a better idea? (Shopping on eBay isn’t an option, I’ll state right now. I’d be using my mom’s credit card, and she doesn’t trust eBay.)

Update (05/21): It’s coming in a month or so!


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