New: Graph by Week and Month in Google Analytics

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This is an exciting one! Google Analytics has just gotten the ability to change graphs to display points by week or month instead of just by day. Google Operating System reports that there is also an hourly option, which is only available on select reports such as Visitors.

The Google Analytics Blog has a neat series of screenshots that displays the difference between the different views. They say the new graphing features are designed to help expose hidden trends in the data; the day view can get awfully crowded with points and short-term trends can be hard to see.

I think it’s a good addition. Using the hourly graph, I discovered that traffic to this site, for example, surges during the afternoon, peaking around 15:00. Combined with the last set of graphing enhancements, these new features promise to give Google Analytics additional “slicing and dicing” capabilities, which is always good. Stats junkies like me need things like this to just play with. 😉 Don’t worry, it’s useful too. 😀


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