I Really Dislike This Branding Thing

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This is a canned post, written before I left for Chicago two days ago. I get back tomorrow night, worry not!

All right, it’s time for another rant. This time, it’s about brand labels.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems that sometimes the label on a piece of clothing (or accessory; pretty much anything falls under this umbrella, actually — including electronics) is more important than the thing itself. It drives me crazy.

Oftentimes I’ve noticed that “no-name” brands have better quality than the label does, at a lower cost. What’s up with that? I have never understood the thing we have in American society with buying a name rather than a product. (Are you from another country? How’s the label situation there?) All I care about is the thing, the tangible, useful (hopefully 😉 product I’m paying money for and will use. I couldn’t care less who makes it, unless the brand really provides something better than the competition.

Take my shopping for digital voice recorders, for example. Sony, Olympus, and Roland are all well-known brands. Roland is, in my mother’s words, “the Cadillac of those things,” not that it matters to me so long as it does what I want for a reasonable price. Olympus is a good brand, I know; my mom’s first digital camera (and the first one I ever used) was an Olympus, but despite that I don’t like the format their recorders use and find Sony’s to be preferable. Sony’s not (arguably) as big a brand as Olympus or Roland, but their products are quite good. I didn’t see anyone complaining about their durability (people said the Roland recorder I’m thinking about feels flimsy).

The point here is that brands seem to carry more weight than they should. I don’t have a solution for the problem; I’m just pointing out that it exists, as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a clothing example (the original inspiration for this post). Oh well, at least I expressed my sentiments. (If you don’t think this is a problem, you’re welcome to sound off in the comments. Hint hint. 🙂


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  1. One word: Apple.


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