The Evolution of Dance

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I didn’t have time to write a post this morning, so I’ll do it now, in the afternoon. Better late than never… Not that this one would draw major traffic anyway, no matter when it’s posted.

All right, it’s the weekend. I don’t really have anything new to report — well, nothing that I find exciting, at any rate. A lot of things have happened this week, to be sure, but none of the events really caught my attention beyond the usual read-it-star-it-share-it-move-on in Google Reader (or the read-it-close-it-Like-it-keep-going in FriendFeed).

So I thought I’d take advantage of this uninteresting period to dig through my YouTube favorites and pull out a couple entertaining videos I’ve seen over the last several months. One came from a recommendation (I think) — that’s today’s — and the other was posted on FriendFeed a while back. The one I saw on FriendFeed will be tomorrow’s post if nothing interesting comes up.

On to the video. You’ve probably seen it by now. It’s the #1 most viewed video on YouTube, having been watched nearly (as I write this) 85,000,000 times. I present Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance“:

It’s a six-minute clip, as can be seen by the counter in YouTube’s player. The dimensions are 425px by 355px… Oh, who am I kidding? This isn’t a scientific analysis; this is commentary!

I only saw this after it had become immensely popular. Always behind on memes, I am. Such is my nature.

The video was amusing to me then, and it still is. As I recall I was babysitting my two-year-old nephew the day I discovered it. YouTube makes a great time-waster for those periods of an hour or two when I would get the job of entertaining him. That was just one of the videos we watched that day, but I think it was my favorite.

Most of the songs are familiar to me, in melody. A few are obscure, and there are several for which I don’t even know the artist — but for the most part, they’re known. The dance moves are also mostly familiar.

So, hope this made a good diversion. I’m trying to save some ideas for scheduled posts that I can set up for next weekend, when I’ll be out of town (in Chicago, on an orchestra trip). More on that next week, probably Wednesday or Thursday morning.

If you’ve watched this video again and again, and now hate the guts of anyone who shows it to you one more time, I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve avoided posting the Numa Numa Dance because I know everyone’s really tired of it, but this one doesn’t seem to have become quite as large a phenomenon. At the very least, nobody rolls their eyes when it’s mentioned (that I’ve spoken with). And at least some thought went into this video…


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