An Engineer’s Guide to Cats (Plus a Brief Explanation for Missing Yesterday)

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Yes, I know I missed yesterday. I went to a social gathering for Passover (here, I’ll give the English version — not that I know Hebrew anyway, yet 🙂 that went a lot later than I had expected. Not only did I miss blogging, but I also missed homework, which is arguably (ha-HA!) more important than this site. Daily posting is more difficult when my already crowded computing (and real-life) schedule becomes even more crowded with one-off events. Hopefully I can get a bunch written tomorrow so this place won’t go dead over the weekend when I’m away. On to the relatively short post now, with one minute to spare…

I saw this video shared on FriendFeed (in a rather roundabout way) a while ago, and I’m pretty sure most of the people who read my blog probably don’t even have accounts over there. With that in mind, I thought this one was so amusing and well-done it had to be blogged. The clip is titled “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats“; before I commentate and ruin the whole thing, just watch it:

For some reason I just find that to be really amusing. I’m not an engineer by any definition of the word, but I do find myself occasionally being very analytical. That’s exactly what these guys did for the video.

Sorry I can’t offer more of an opinion, but it’s late and I have to be up really early tomorrow. And I still have a bunch of stuff to do. Blogging is going to have to be moved down a notch in priority for a little while, unfortunately.


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