Chicago Orchestra Trip

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Well, wish me luck! I’m leaving for the train station in a few minutes to go to Chicago for four days. It’s a trip with the orchestra at my local high school, where I play violin. (Same school as my robotics team, yes. Remember that trip? Probably no from-the-road posts this time; I’m not bringing my computer.)

We’re going to a symphony concert, playing our own mini-performances (we’ll have two groups, each with their own concert), sightseeing (including the Sears Tower), having clinics with members of Chicago orchestras (I FAIL; see update below), and generally enjoying the city. It’ll be a busy four days, though that’s mostly crammed into three days due to the eight-hour train rides (plus time for boarding and disembarkation). Probably no time for or access to a computer, unfortunately. I don’t look forward to catching up on Monday (after a late arrival Sunday night), either.

Nevertheless, I think it will be a fun trip. We went to Philadelphia last year, and I had fun. That’s where I met the friend who introduced me to the robotics team. The team captain is coming this year, and he’s in my room. Maybe some time to chat there.

As with Milwaukee, I’ve prepared a few posts in advance so there won’t be a paucity of content on this site. More back-burner stuff that’s not time-sensitive. I think I have a post scheduled for every day I’m gone, but I don’t have time to check; it’s time to leave, well, now. If there’s a gap, you know why. I had a million and one things to do yesterday.

I should also mention, I turned on comment moderation temporarily to prevent any spam while I’m away and can’t delete it. Any comments you leave will be visible after I get back, when I go through the moderation queue. Late Sunday night (if I’m lucky and not tired then) or Monday, Central Time.

See you in four days! Try and enjoy the canned words, huh? 🙂

Update (04/28): Whoops, the conductor for our clinics wasn’t a Chicago Symphony Orchestra musician. He was the conductor for a local arts program. Oh well, can’t get everything right.


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