Musical in the Food Court!

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This post digresses from my usual technobabble, but it’s just too funny and creative (not to mention awesome!) to pass up.

Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based group of people started in 2001. What they do is usually totally off-the-wall and almost always funny. Their blog’s tagline: “We Cause Scenes”. The mission I’m featuring today, though, was done in Los Angeles, CA. (There is now a global Improv Everywhere site on Ning as well, but this mission was performed before that was launched.)

I like the idea of Improv Everywhere because I am also into improvisational performance. I don’t usually get into the complexity they do, nor do I pull off stunts in public places — in fact my improv is usually part of some exercise in theater classes. I do like to do things like randomly start singing in the middle of a mall, and that’s what their latest mission was.

Posted to late last night, “Food Court Musical” has already drawn a ton of comments. The story is, well… Watch the video first.

I don’t know who came up with the idea to sing a song about needing some napkins, but this is just too funny. The way it starts with one person and escalates into an entire group is really great.

One of the best parts, I think, is the security guard. He comes in and everyone thinks he’s about to break up the performance, when suddenly he starts to sing as well.

The title sounds to me like a cross between the two Disney films High School Musical and Full Court Miracle. It really works, I think. The choreography even reminds me of some stuff from HSM.

As described further on the mission’s page, Improv Everywhere actually got permission from the mall to pull off this show. That’s something they don’t usually do, but in this case it made for a better performance. Having people dressed in the same uniforms as mall personnel and putting one behind the counter of Hot Dog on a Stick definitely made it seem more real. (The other food court businesses had no idea what was going to happen.)

Anyway, I won’t lift all the notes from Improv Everywhere’s mission page, even if I am rewording it. They deserve traffic for this one, so head on over there for more commentary and the photos.

Before you go, however, I would appreciate a comment here if you like this sort of post, or if you don’t. I need feedback so I know what to write more about. 😉

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