Internet Explorer Upgrade Nags

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Fortunately, Microsoft hasn’t pushed out a required upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP yet. They’re definitely trying to get people to upgrade, though. A few times now, I’ve had the Internet Explorer download page from open on me, instead of my homepage (iGoogle over HTTPS).

At the moment, it says, “Upgrade with confidence,” right under the first heading (normal text, below “Internet Explorer 7 downloads”). Sure I have confidence in how much better IE7‘s rendering engine is, but I don’t like the new interface or their implementation of tabs. That’s why I still use Internet Explorer 6. I know that the sites I design look better in IE7 than in IE6 (though I’ve fixed a lot of bugs; and in all honesty they were designed with better CSS support in mind, i.e. Firefox 2).

So it bugs me when IE6 tries to get me to dump it for its younger sibling. All the sites I use in IE work fine in version 6, and in fact I was told that version 7 is unsupported by the most critical sites of all: my school’s. Being nagged to upgrade when I have been told not to is annoying.

Microsoft: If you’re going to offer an optional software upgrade, offer it in Windows Update, and/or a download. Don’t bug users who can’t (or shouldn’t) do anything to change what version they use.

Update (03/16): Just got another one when I opened IE6 today. Grr…


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