Google Docs Gets Colored Folders

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Apparently I was a little too hasty to publish my announcement of the new menus. I didn’t wait long enough before posting to find another new Google Docs feature, colored folders.

Gmail’s had colored labels for a while now (at least in the new version). Google Docs has been going through iterations left and right lately; one wishes some of that time would be spent on Google Talk

Anyway, so here’s an example of the colored labels folders (I really wish they’d just make them labels again):

The folders display in the list just like Gmail’s colored labels. (In fact, I’ll bet they used the same code.) I did post a screenshot of the Gmail interface with coloring back when that feature was released. It might be different, though, only using snippets like the color picker. Gmail doesn’t freeze my browser when changing labels, and Google Docs does temporarily lock up Firefox for me when I change folders now (it didn’t before). I wonder what’s up with that…

Now, of course, the question is: Will Google launch another new thing today and keep me busy blogging, or will I have a chance to ignore the Internet for a bit and catch up on my reading?


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