Google Analytics Rolling Out Benchmarking and Sharing Settings

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Google Analytics makes a great way to track how your site is doing, visitor-wise, and see what content attracts the most eyeballs. If you don’t have a lot of experience in the Web analytics world, like myself (I won’t lie, I’m a n00b), you’ll probably find these upcoming features useful.

What they’ll do is allow you to see how other sites in your vertical market perform. (Your “vertical market”, or “vertical”, is your field, e.g. e-commerce, blog, etc. I think. Like I said, I’m a n00b.) To get the option, those of us with higher account numbers will have to wait until Google rolls out the options to our accounts.

Once you do have the option, you’ll have to enable it by allowing Google access to your Analytics data for purposes of analysis. You can’t get benchmarking data without sharing your own statistics, and it may be up to two weeks before you’ll be able to see any benchmarking data at all. Nevertheless, it sounds like a useful feature that I will be glad to have once it’s enabled on my account.

I won’t go into heavy detail because the Google Analytics Blog already has it well-covered. I will say that you have to share all data in your account; you can’t enable selected website profiles. That seems like an important point.

Also, there are granular data sharing options, so you can share your data with everyone (anonymously) or just with Google, allowing upcoming enhanced services to work with Google Analytics and become integrated in one interface.

For more specific details and a screenshot, hop over to the Analytics blog; I’m just writing a summary and brief opinion here. No sense writing again what has already been said by other people who understand the new stuff a whole lot better than I. 😉


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