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If you follow the other Google blogs such as Google Operating System or Google Blogoscoped, you’ll probably already know that Google Analytics’ Benchmarking feature is finally showing data. Heck, the Google Analytics Blog even announced this one. I thought I’d blog my take on it anyway, just to see how my opinion differs from those other people.

At first glance, the benchmarking data is cool. I haven’t had a chance to probe every nook and cranny yet, but it looks like it is can be quite useful. That is, if your site fits into one of the categories provided.

I looked in the category list, and it didn’t appear to have a “blog” category for me to select. Analytics just compared me with all other sites of similar size, however that’s measured. All I know is, I have red marks on all metrics except New Visitors. I don’t get as much traffic here as I’d like; hopefully that will change eventually and I’ll have more green.

For those who are curious about what the benchmarking looks like, here’s a screenshot I made from the data available for this site:

Like I said, red marks everywhere. If you didn’t figure it out, the blue line is your site and the gray line is all the averaged data from other, similar sites. How about getting more of those blue lines above the gray ones? I’d certainly like that. I have a high bounce rate, low visits/pageviews, and a low pages/visit average. Must figure out how to grow this site… But I knew that without the benchmarks, didn’t I? (Yes, I did.) Whatever, they still look cool.


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