GOOG-411 Expands to Canada, Possibly Elsewhere

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I’ve heard too much about this subject to dismiss it as a rumor. I’ve read posts from multiple sources that GOOG-411, Google’s free 411 service for businesses, is now available in Canada. Garett Rogers, a blogger at ZDNet who lives in Canada, confirms that the service does indeed work in his city.

Haochi of Googlified says that Google has not yet updated the page telling where GOOG-411 works, and my testing confirms that it still says the service is only available in the United States for U.S. business listings.

So, this doesn’t really affect me because I live in the United States, but it’s definitely a sign that the service has reached a certain level of maturity and reliability. Google doesn’t usually release services in other countries unless the English (US) version has performed sufficiently well in its initial release in the United States.

I have a feeling we can look forward to GOOG-411 eventually expanding to other areas where Google has business data available. I think it shares the same database as Google Maps, but I don’t have a source for that.


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  1. Well, let me tell you a service that provides directory assistance throughout canada it’s ASK411(275411). It’ll send you the information you need via SMS. No need to talk to computer. For more details you can check Give it a try. I heard the service is for free for the whole month of january.

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