Blogger Team Says Permalink Issues With Scheduled Posts Fixed

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User Belcarnen noticed late March 4th that the permalink issues seemed to have been fixed. Yesterday morning, Pete was back with another note saying that the problems should be fixed this time. In his words:

As Belcarnen noticed, the permalink problem should be sorted out now.

Jason assures me that the correct code has been pushed to all servers and all is well.

We do have reports of scheduled FTP publishing now not working, which we’re looking into. We wanted to get the permalink thing sorted out first, though.

So there are issues with scheduled posts not working on FTP-based blogs now. I think that was actually a known issue in the original release… Oh, yep, it was the last bullet point of the notes at the end:

  • In some testing we’ve found that schedule posting is not working for some FTP blogs. If you run across this, please let us know in the comments so we can try to track it down.

Going back to Pete’s comment, I’m going to assume that this Jason he mentions is one and the same with the Jason Wilson who originally posted the announcement. If the correct code has been pushed out to all the Blogger servers, there shouldn’t be any more issues with permalinks.

I’ll be running my own test using this post, scheduling it to publish an hour or two after this writing, to see if my blog’s server is indeed fixed. All I need is a way to easily predict the permalink I’ll get, so I can update past posts before the scheduled post publishes.

If you know of a reliable way to predict the permalink, let me know; I could really use it, as I run into this problem a lot! I know my domain name, so I won’t worry about that, but the part after the slash is in the format /yyyy/mm/word-word-word-word-word.html. What I need is a way to predict the word-word-word-word-word part, without briefly publishing the post first. That way I can change the title before publishing and the link will change to accommodate the new title.


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