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For months and months now, posts with titles like this one’s have been writing about convoluted workarounds to one of Blogger’s glaring omissions: scheduled future posting. It has always been in Blogger’s new version that a post published is a post published, no matter the date (which was only used for sorting). To post to your blog in the future, without actually being there to “push the button, Max,” you had to set up a complicated system of mail-to-Blogger and a scheduled email service. (Interestingly, Gmail still lacks scheduled sending of emails… Hint hint, Google! 😉

All that begins to change now, with the announcement of a Blogger in Draft feature to schedule future posts. Enter a date in the future, before clicking the Publish button, and Blogger will hold the post in its queue, waiting to be actually displayed on your site at the time and date specified. Users who used the future-dating to keep a post on top can still do it, by publishing and then editing the date.

I won’t get more specific here, because the Blogger in Draft team has already done a good write-up of their new feature on their own blog.

Suffice it to say, I’m very happy about this addition. It’s only available in Blogger’s “Draft” version (at, but they say it will soon be available in the main interface. I use the Draft interface anyway, to be able to use new stuff like this the moment it’s released, but for those of you who don’t do so, you know where to go.

I never bothered with the email-based workarounds I mentioned before, actually. They were far too cumbersome for me, and I didn’t want to sign up for yet another account I’d use just a few times a year. Since Blogger’s on its way to officially supporting the feature of scheduled posts, I now need not worry about such an account after all. So watch out from now on; when posts show up here, I might not actually be at the computer publishing. 😀

Update (03/04): A bug in this feature affecting permalinks was reported and supposedly fixed, but is most definitely not squashed.

Update (03/07): The bug is again being reported as fixed.


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