Kingston’s Got 16GB SD

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How big is your SD card? I have a couple 2 GB cards (one for my camera, one for my PDA), and my dad has a 4 GB microSD for his new phone. Kingston has now introduced a 16 GB SD card, which will hold somewhere in the area of 6,000 photos from my 7 megapixel camera (extrapolating from the values I was given). For a paltry (ha!) $231, you, too, can have the biggest SD card on the planet.

Given that the 2 GB cards I use now are about $30-$40, let’s do some math here. It takes eight 2 GB cards to make one 16 GB card. Even taking the cheapest price I’ve seen for a 2 GB card, $32, eight of those would be $246, an extra $15 over buying the 16 GB card outright. The price will probably drop just as dramatically as other memory cards, too.

Consider, when I got my first three 2 GB cards, they were $140 each, with a $40 mail-in rebate (I only got two of the rebates back). Not long after, they dropped below $100. Now they’re at $30-$40, and I wonder if I jumped the gun a little too soon. Perhaps I did, but replacements are a lot cheaper.

So, let’s just say I’m looking forward to the days of 32 GB or 64 GB (heck, why not 512 GB?) SD cards, when I’ll be able to carry my entire home server with Apache, PHP, and MySQL on the same card with a launcher to let me run it on any computer. Dream not of today, but of the future — the future looks good!


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