Google Talk Adds “Chatback” Button Feature

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It’s always been frustrating how you couldn’t have a Google Talk chat box on your website. Google changed that a couple days ago, when they announced Google Talk Chatback, which is a badge you put on your site that opens a special version of the Google Talk gadget. It looks interesting, and a version I could add (and considered) is shown below:

Now, the reason I’m not adding one is twofold. First, I never got very many hits from the chat box I did find (which I recently disabled because nobody used it and it just slowed down page loads). Second, it’s not really any change from what I mentioned in my first point. Neither service saves histories to my Gmail account, and neither appears to support chat room type conversations, where anybody who’s online can chat with everyone else on the same site.

So in short, I have no reason to add it. I may in the future, simply to pare down my list of accounts in Pidgin (and enable chatting with site visitors when I’m away from Pidgin on my PC), but I also lack the time to sit around talking to people on this site at the moment. Since it is a partial implementation of a Google Talk feature that I suggested a while back (indirectly; I asked for a Blogger chat widget), I decided to blog about it even though I won’t be using it immediately. Watch my sidebar, though; I might be making some changes at some point to cut down on the amount of content over there.


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