Google Releases Health Screenshots

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Google posted “Google Health, a first look” on the Official Google Blog early this morning, and included screenshots of both the sign-in screen and the internal homepage associated with users’ profiles, which displays some vital statistics. I’ll only use the homepage shot here, since the login screen is pretty standard-Google.

Aside from appearing to have been taken on a Mac (judging from button styling and text rendering), the service appears (appropriately) pretty Googley to me. It looks very cool, and displays a sample of what happens when you link your profile with a health-care provider. Namely, the homepage displays what providers have been linked from the current profile.

So, what features can be seen from the screenshot? Obviously the lucky ducks in Cleveland who get to actually use the service know first-hand, but until the service is released (again, Google, please do so soon!) the rest of us have to be content with screenshots.

Within the list of sections on the left, Health appears to have tracking for the following things:

  • Notices (presumably notes from physicians or reminders generated by Google Health itself)
  • Drug interactions (useful for making sure you won’t get any nasty side-effects from that new prescription)
  • Profile (includes age, gender, height, weight, etc.; conditions [diabetes, hypertension, etc.]; medications; allergies; procedures (“Have I ever had an appendectomy?”); test results; and immunizations)

Besides the record-keeping stuff, it’s also possible to add to your profile, import medical records, request an appointment at one of your associated institutions, and find a doctor.

Given this impressive array of stuff, I’m raring to try this service out the moment it’s launched. I can’t wait to import all the medical records of the last 17 years and see what happened to me in my childhood that I can’t remember (due to that annoying children-don’t-remember-stuff problem).

So, when does the rest of the world get to try this thing?

[Image credit: Official Google Blog, used as fair use for news reporting and commentary]


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