Gmail Task List Feature?

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Garett Rogers posted something very strange this afternoon. It seems someone wrote in with a screenshot of a task list feature in Gmail and a (to me, rather dubious) explanation of how it got there. He thinks it’s likely to be “similar to the ‘Remember The Milk’ addon” (he says RTM for Gmail uses Greasemonkey, which I don’t believe is correct). The screenshot he posted, which I won’t duplicate for fear of copyright infringement (see the original post), looks very, very similar to the RTM pane I have in my Gmail account right now, down to the icons and styling.

I’m excited if Google is going to add a new feature, but I’d rather it not be this one. Actually, let me re-state that. I’m excited if there’s going to be a task list, but I hope Google has a stand-alone list as an option, and also offers support for RTM, Toodle (I think?), and some of the other more popular task management services. A list within Gmail doesn’t do me much good, because I really like RTM. I wonder what’s really up, though. Garett’s post doesn’t look too convincing to me.

Phooey. I got my hopes up for nothing. I actually read the Groups thread Garett linked to, and found that others had already come to the same conclusion I had tentatively in my head. That user somehow has installed the RTM extension and doesn’t remember. Here I thought Google was doing something. Oh well, sounds like my suspicion of Garett’s post was justified.

Here’s what I think is going on. That user sounds very confused, because the task list and its associated tab within Gmail’s settings keeps appearing and disappearing. One of two things could be happening: It could either be a hoax, deliberately written to get buzz going about something that’s been around for ages; or that user could be going between Firefox (where RTM for Gmail works) and Internet Explorer (where it doesn’t). Perhaps it’s both, I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure that it’s just RTM for Gmail, and not a Google feature.

Update (02/17): Garett insists in a comment at Google Operating System that he posted a screenshot of RTM accompanying his post about a bona fide task list feature in Gmail. The saga continues… And it looks like I was wrong, actually.


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