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closeThis post was published 13 years 1 month 16 days ago. A number of changes have been made to the site since then, so please contact me if anything is broken or seems wrong.

I’ve been seeing some feedback on this issue myself, and decided to weigh in with a post of my own. Most of the feedback I’ve seen has been in comments on the original post at the Blogger in Draft blog, from users who have had issues with permalinks on posts published using the still-in-testing scheduled posts feature being to the blog’s homepage, rather than to the posts’ individual pages. I wasn’t having the problem, but it’s shown up a couple of times recently, presumably as a result of some tweaking on the part of Blogger.

Interestingly, I shouldn’t even be having the problem because I don’t use FTP to publish. Blogger hosts my site, and the reports I saw mostly mentioned the problem with FTP blogs. Nevertheless, I have had the problem and would like to add my voice to the chorus, in the hopes that more feedback and reports will get Google to fix the problem faster. I’ve found post scheduling to be a real help, and would hate to see it get yanked because of a trivial bug. Good luck squashing the bug, Google, and all the best for introducing scheduled posts even with this little glitch!

If it will help troubleshooting (this is directed at Google; you can stop reading now unless you want details on when I got the bug), I had the problem on a post I had edited after scheduling, which I don’t normally do. If there’s different code handling the “save changes” publish action versus the initial “schedule” publish action, perhaps there’s a bug in the “save changes” branch/function that is looking for a permalink? I’m just speculating; I have no idea how the Blogger code works.

Update (23:00): A Blogger team member, Pete, has thanked us users for all the reports of this bug — and noted that it will be fixed in the near term — in a recent comment (10:01) on the Blogger in Draft Blog post.

Update (02/29): The Blogger in Draft blog announces that this and a couple other issues have been fixed.

Update (03/04): New data, new reports, old status; the bug is not actually fixed.

Update (03/07): Once again, the bug has been reported as fixed.


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