Yahoo! Launching OpenID?

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PC World says Yahoo! is testing OpenID support. I’d say, from the evidence presented (the content of the domain, for example), that they’re probably right. The page title is currently “OpenID Provider 2.0 — User’s page”, with “The user’s OpenID provider is” in the body. It seems primed to have nice, simple identity URLs like Of course, I delegate my OpenID from this domain (the delegation meta tags redirect requests to AOL), so a simple configuration change on my end can get me using Yahoo!’s system. And when Google eventually support OpenID from Blogger URLs natively (which would be a natural extension of the OpenID commenting launched last month), I can just remove the delegation tags (unless I like my current provider better, in which case I shouldn’t have to touch anything).

As more major providers support OpenID, I think that will be a great impetus to start supporting OpenID logins in more places. I certainly hope this Yahoo! thing is true; I’d really like to use them instead of AOL.

Oh, before I go sort pictures from tonight’s robotics club meeting, let me say more about the evidence. Aside from the above-mentioned domains, there is also code on photostream pages that would allow users to login with their Flickr identity elsewhere. The code is: <link rel="openid2.provider" href="" /> I hope this is formally launched soon; PC World couldn’t reach Yahoo! for a comment, but given all this already-placed code, it seems unlikely that they’d abandon the project now. I can’t wait!

Update (01/17): About a week later, there’s been an official announcement. Yahoo! OpenID support goes into public beta on January 30, 2008. Looks like they’ll be using the Yahoo! homepage as everyone’s identity URL, though. Boo! In that case, I’ll stick with AOL. But things can change a lot in two weeks… Never mind that. After I found the press release, I saw that users can use a personalized URL at or just type in “” or “”. So I’ll probably be able to delegate after all. Phew!


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