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Ionut Alex Chitu from Google Operating System has noted that Google Docs has a couple new options on the Insert tab: Header and Footer. Observe my astounding screenshot (subjective adjective use alert):

Isn’t that neat? That’s another missing feature that’s sort of bugged me but hasn’t been a priority. I don’t use headers and footers that much, so it wasn’t a big priority for me, but it was scary thinking I’d have to use Microsoft Word to make a document with headers or footers. Now I don’t have to worry about that. The only annoyances: There’s no dynamic content (page number, etc.), and Google Docs still doesn’t support pagination, so you can’t tell how many pages there will be or where the headers and footers will go.

I hope next up is footnotes and endnotes; I use those a lot more than headers/footers. Soon after that, pagination display. It can be read-only — that’s what Zoho Writer does — but at least make it possible to display.

Update (01/08): And the Official Google Docs Blog has done a short post about this, too.


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  1. David Murray

    Header/Footer does not work in Spreadsheet.

  2. @David: No, they don’t, but I don’t recall saying it did. “Google Docs” is generally used to refer only to the Documents section; Spreadsheets and Presentations are pretty much separate apps. 🙂

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