Blogger Errors While Reading?

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Hmm, it’s a Zippity-Zoli-Week, I think. Mentioning his blog again; wow!

OK, so on to the point. Zoli Erdos posted about a “Weird Google Blogger Error“, with a screenshot. The cool part? <vanity>The URL displayed in it is for one of my posts!</vanity> The bad part: Blogger’s displaying errors on my blog, after loading the page. Argh!

So what can you, the reader, do to solve this problem? Well, the best solution I’ve seen is to clear your browser’s cache. Since this is, after all, a geek blog, I’ll assume you know how to do that.

Meanwhile, I hope not too many people have run into this sort of error on my site. According to the literature I’ve read, those error codes are usually limited to publishing. Too many of those might force me to switch to WordPress, and I don’t want to deal with importing right now. Perhaps after the school year. I hope Google fixes the problem.

For what it’s worth, Zoli, I’m sorry you’re having trouble viewing my blog. I’ll pick up my direct line to Larry and Sergey right now and have them straighten out the situation immediately. That is, I wish I could; lowly blogger that I am, I don’t have much influence (I’ve gotten more out of Adobe than Google). Best of luck, and if the error persists (you’ve probably fixed it, but just in case), try my feed; I don’t think Blogger can mess that up.


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