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Hot on the heels of last month’s release of OpenID commenting, Blogger is now testing support for using blog URLs as OpenID logins. Now not only can other people log in with their OpenIDs from elsewhere, but Blogger users can use their Blogger blog URLs as OpenIDs to log into other sites. I have now deleted the delegation code from my template (which has been working for a while; I just never updated my previous post), as I enabled the beta feature from Blogger in Draft. For now, it’s only available from Draft, through a checkbox on the Edit Profile page (rather than in the blog control panel), but Google will probably push it through to everyone by the end of the month.

There are a couple things missing at the moment, like revoking trust from a site you choose to trust “Yes, Always”, but it’s nearly feature-complete. I’m switching to it. Now I probably won’t care as much about Yahoo!’s upcoming OpenID support, but oh well. If Blogger’s integrating it, why should I care about Yahoo!’s effort? Granted, that’s a large user base they have, and it will probably lift OpenID into the public view, but for my purposes it’s useless now.


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