Web 2.0: Here Comes Another Bubble

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When I come across genuinely funny songs, I sometimes like to blog about them. This particular one was posted on Google Blogoscoped, and I traced it back through Reddit to YouTube. It’s quite amusing. While you watch, pay attention to the lyrics and the video; there are some fleeting visual jokes, and the lyrics are always good.

And yes, I will blog about this song (obviously).

Update (12/17): YouTube removed my original embed “due to a copyright claim by a third party.” A quick search brought up another copy, which I’ve used to replace the old video. Meanwhile, other versions have been uploaded and deleted again. As TechCrunch writes, though, the song should fall under the umbrella of fair use. YouTube’s deletions seem to be somewhat unreasonable…

Hat tip to i80and for pointing out the removal in the comments!

Update (12/18): Apparently the video was taken down in response to a DMCA complaint from Lane Hartwell, a photographer whose photo of Owen Thomas (managing editor of the Valleywag blog) was used in the video. Read the analysis from PlagiarismToday for more details.

Update (12/19): Enough already! I’m so tired of posting updates… Anyway, I’ve changed the embed again to use the new version the Richter Scales uploaded, this time with a (much too fast) credit reel (in small print) and without Hartwell’s photo. Can I focus on new content now, please?


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  1. Hmm, looks like the video has been taken down. However, I managed to find it here: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/12/04/bubble-20-the-video/
    At the bottom is the Yahoo video for it.

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