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Remember The Milk today released a Firefox extension to add an RTM sidebar to Gmail. It looks cool, I must say. The sidebar can create tasks when you star a message or apply a specified label (useful for me, because I usually star messages that require action). It can also auto-suggest events from your calendar and contacts from your Gmail address book. The full feature list is available on the RTM website.

I can see it becoming very useful, because I like to have as few tabs open as possible, and integrating RTM into Gmail would eliminate a tab from my usual setup. However, there is a big bug they need to squish before I can truly start using the extension.

The problem occurs when opening Gmail’s Settings pane with the RTM panel collapsed if you open anything with the RTM pane initially collapsed (did I mention you can collapse it, Google Reader sidebar-style?). The Settings page, and all subsequent views, Whatever you open, and all items after it, become squished to the width of the RTM pane. Changing views or re-expanding the pane and changing views does not eliminate the problem. It can only be fixed by reloading the Gmail page.

Oddly enough, it does not happen if the Settings page was opened before collapsing the pane. I’ll point out this bug write-up in the RTM forums and see if I can get a statement.

So, once that bug is fixed, I’ll definitely be able to eliminate completely a tab from my usual startup set. Well done, RTM!

PS: For the benefit of the RTM staff, if they read this, here’s a list of all the extensions I think might be interfering with theirs:

  • CustomizeGoogle
  • Better Gmail 2
  • AdBlock Plus
  • Gmail Manager
  • Greasemonkey

Hope that helps you guys! I’d try to isolate it myself, but I really haven’t the time today.

Update (12/20 01:21): Now that I revisit the bug, I see it’s more widespread than I thought. I’ve marked up corrections to the third paragraph above, using (of course) semantically-meaningful <ins> and <del> tags.


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