Google Toolbar Updated, but Only for IE

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It often seems as though Google’s Firefox releases lag behind their releases for Internet Explorer. Recent case in point: the Google Toolbar. Just yesterday, a new version of the toolbar was released, with new features like Google Gadget support, saving settings on Google servers so they can go anywhere you do, revamped Google Bookmarks functionality, integration with Google Notebook, and Web History access. I’m very happy about the news, and I looked for a Firefox version. Is there one anywhere? No, of course not. As with the last version of the toolbar, Google will probably not release an update for another few months at least.

I remember the Firefox T3 update well. The Internet Explorer toolbar had bookmarks for weeks and weeks before I could get the same functionality in Firefox. Now it will likely be the same length of time before I can finally dump the Google Notebook extension for the integrated toolbar features. That’s what I did with the bookmarks; I had a third-party extension for Google Bookmarks access until the feature was finally added to the Firefox toolbar.

This is nothing new, for sure. Google has always lagged a bit with updates for Firefox. It’s understandable, considering Internet Explorer holds about 80% of the browser market, but that doesn’t make it less annoying. None of the Google extensions I have in my browser right now have been updated in the last six months, with some going over a year with no changes. Some I’ve disabled because they no longer even work due to changes in infrastructure (such as the Blogger Web Comments extension, which doesn’t support Google Account logins) or because they’re just so buggy.

I can’t ask Google to issue updates for all their products overnight, but I hope that in the future they’ll be a little faster at issuing updates for the second-most popular browser in the world.


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