Google Confirmations: JotSpot and Gears Access, Among Others

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There are several sources of information regarding statements made by Scott Johnston at a recent Google Apps presentation in Ann Arbor, and all the statements are very interesting. Among other things, Google announced (or hinted strongly at) the launch of the JotSpot wiki service, now branded Google Sites, next year; Google Gears access to Gmail and Google Calendar; offline editing of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; integration between GrandCentral and Google Apps (“they are working on it and it is a ‘huge priority’ for them” — ZDNet); and, in the far future, videoconferencing within Google Apps.

Now, I don’t know how many of these products will make it into mainstream Google Accounts (I would really like to have GrandCentral connected to my Google Account, personally), but they are very exciting, especially the Gears access for Calendar and Gmail. Who knows how many days of calendar will be downloaded, or how many emails (with or without attachments…), but the features are quite welcome.

Google Page Creator has been pretty anemic for its entire life, and if turns into, I won’t complain. Also, offline document editing will allow me to finally ditch Word! (Except for those few niggling instances of complex formatting, of course.) Combine all these Gears integrations, and suddenly the Web browser starts looking like an office suite. The times ahead will be very, very exciting, I think, for Google’s users. Hopefully all the improvements start with regular users and work through to Apps, like the new Gmail code…


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