Yes, Windows Vista Still Sucks

closeThis post was published 12 years 6 months 29 days ago. A number of changes have been made to the site since then, so please contact me if anything is broken or seems wrong.

As I’ve posted quite frequently, Windows Vista is worse than Windows 98, just with better graphics. Steve Bass at PC World pointed out this amusing video in his latest column, and I found it so funny I just had to share it.

Yes, I know I’m using a player you’ve never seen before (, but the version I found on YouTube had a bunch of annoying stuff at the beginning, totally unrelated to the original video. So, there you have it: Windows Vista has “more holes than a sponge” and will sink your computer (and your morale) like cement. 🙂

Here’s the original source if you want it, and a bit of advice should you choose to post a video on your own site: Use the MySpace embed. It’s more easily sized. Using the “Most blogs and websites” option would have made the video overlap under the sidebar here, but I could halve the size of the MySpace player because it’s just a Flash movie.

Update (2008-04-04): i can has wurrking embed nao… The current embed code seems to negate my advice above; there appears to be only one option, which is easily resized using the width and height parameters in both the <object> and <embed> tags.

Update (2008-04-08): D’oh! I should link to my more in-depth writings on the Vista issue, just published this month… Here we are, “Windows Vista: Problems and Advice for Microsoft“.


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  1. Thank God our company hasn’t the money to “upgrade” our XP systems to Vista! And at home, I use an iMac so I don’t EVER have to deal with this.

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