Ugly, Overpriced eBook Readers Unlikely to Gain Users

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You know, Zoli Erdos makes a good point in his latest blog post, “Ugly“. (Now that I’ve linked to it with the title as the anchor text, he can’t change the title; ha! Just kidding, Zoli…) He points out the ugliness of Amazon’s newly-released ebook reader, and compares its angular design with that of the sleek Seiko-Epson electronic paper display announced several days ago. Yes, the Seiko device is just a display, but it sure looks better. Now why couldn’t Amazon have made their device look a little nicer?

Also, the device costs about $400 US, enough to buy a PDA or an iPhone. Since those devices can actually read ebooks with the proper software (which admittedly isn’t always free, but it’s an addition to an existing device), nobody with one would seem likely to invest in this ebook reader of Amazon’s, or any that exists; they’re just not cheap, in general. Admittedly, reading on the iPhone probably requires some sort of third-party app hack, but I’ll bet it’s possible.

I know, Amazon should sell the product to Apple, and let Apple redesign it so it actually looks decent. Apple is, after all, very good at that sort of thing.

Thanks for the inspiration, Zoli! 🙂


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  1. Why would I want to change it? It’s still ugly… Kugly, Kindugly, Kugle…. Kindugle:-)

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