School Policies Should Be Accessible

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Remember that long rant about school IT (and the follow-up posts)? Well, the saga continues this quarter, when a request to one of my teachers turned into a conversation that got forwarded to the school director. And got a phone call to my mom (even though she already knew). Apparently, using a school email address is a policy, but it’s not written down anywhere on the school website. According to the director (I won’t name names for privacy), it would be unmanageable to write down all the policies and put them on the website. In other words, the student handbook doesn’t tell the full story.

Now, being the contrary I am, I loathe following any rules that haven’t been chiseled into the tablets of local law (as it were) or magnetized into the local information store (both would, of course, be ideal). Given the choice between getting into a lengthy debate between myself and the director, though, I’ll take the spoils I have, which is a concession from the offending teacher to BCC messages to my personal account, so I will have a searchable archive. Last quarter, I had unanimous personal account usage; this quarter is 67%. Provided the aforementioned director doesn’t read this, it should average out to be about 50-75% this year. And if he does, well, please just let my teachers alone, Mr. <Name Withheld>. Thanks! (Of course, if he is reading this, there’s only one student this blog could belong to…)

So, I have what I set out to do, and I have a solution for other teachers should they decline my start-of-quarter request to use my personal email. Since I can’t find the policy written down, I shall honor it only if told to in a particular case, and it’s pretty much tough buttons for anyone who wants me to comply when it’s not required. So, the Gmail-demanding beast has been placated, at least for now, and school will resume its normal schedule, assisted by Remember The Milk. (Not, however, by Ocean Mail Server — you can’t even save drafts, for crying out loud!)


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