Remember The Milk Updates, Big-Time

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Nary a week has gone by since I blogged about how wonderful Remember The Milk is. Now I see they’ve overhauled their interface. “Again?” you ask. I don’t know; I’ve only been using it a week, remember?

Anyway, they’ve had a major revolution in how the interface displays itself. For example, there are now icons to see what tasks repeat and which ones have notes. The list view shows tags next to the tasks (configurable in the settings to left, right, or disabled). The list itself has been tweaked to give users endowed with larger monitors a wider view of their tasks. It now stretches half again as wide for me, and were I to have a wider screen, it would probably be bigger.

Now, the list-widening only works up to a certain point; users with super-huge monitors might have issues with their list suddenly becoming two feet wide. I’m assuming, however, that the RTM team has taken this into account and set a limit on how wide the list can be.

One of the coolest changes I see is the addition of connecting lines between the task(s) you’re editing and the edit box. I was indeed having issues with remembering what was selected for multi-edit mode, and this looks like it’ll help quite a bit. The lines even show up when you mouse over a task. It’s more work for the browser, generating and destroying all those lines, but it looks good and it’s useful, so I think it’s a great feature.

Neatest of all, the code appears to have been reusable, and lines appear on the settings tabs Lists, Locations, and the new Tags tab, described below. Of course, you can’t multi-edit lists, locations, and tags, but so far I haven’t missed it.

The new Tags tab lets you merge, delete, and rename tags, all without manually going through the list and doing it yourself. It’s cool, very cool. Now if only Google Reader would get the ability to rename tags (over a year and no dice yet)…

Speaking of Reader, it looks like I’ll be able to subscribe to feeds of my tasks in Google Reader now; they’ve implemented private URLs to do away with the HTTP authentication requirement, meaning any feed reader should now be able to read task feeds. And completed tasks have feeds, too, now. The Private URLs setting can be changed in the General settings, and it defaults to Off. Like Google Calendar’s feeds, you can reset the private URLs if you suspect an unauthorized someone else has gained access to your feeds somehow.

Also new, Smart Lists can now be used in searches (making it possible to find tasks that exist in multiple Smart Lists), and search operators hasNotes, to, from, and isReceived have been introduced to ease searching for tasks with notes and sent/received items.

Finally, they have fixed a bunch of little annoyances and bugs. I have no idea what they were, and the blog post doesn’t say, but they do say they’ve spent time optimizing the code to make it run faster as well, so there’s something to be said for that.

All in all, it’s a very promising development, quite welcome this week, as I don’t have to re-learn the interface after months of experience; it changed about three days after I started heavy use, so it’s much easier to get used to. I really like the way it’s going.

Oh, and by the way, they’ve also improved the indication of the current task when using the j and k shortcuts to navigate the task list. Is anyone else reminded of Gmail?


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