Mozilla to Leave Bugs in Firefox 3?

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Apparently, Mozilla will be fixing only 20% of the bugs currently on file for Firefox 3’s final release. There are now about 700 bugs marked “blockers” in the tracker, but only 140 of those will be fixed before the final FF3 release. (Blockers are bugs that justify delaying a release, by Mozilla’s terminology.) It’s surprising to me that Mozilla would be willing to leave as many bugs in; the planned bugfix schedule leaves around 550+ bugs still in the browser. Supposedly, they are prioritizing bugs based on their effect on everyday user experience, but I suspect the real reason they’re not fixing more bugs is because Firefox’s newest version is already months behind schedule.

While the original release schedules indicated a new version by the end of this year, current projections show only a second beta by the holiday season. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having Firefox 3 as my holiday gift, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen. Security-related bugs are excepted from this percentage; Mozilla will patch all security bugs before release.

If there are going to be this many bugs in FF3 when it is released, I might just wait for a few rounds of updates to be sure it’s stable enough to use. My extensions probably won’t be compatible yet anyway.


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