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Looks like Google wasn’t conducting even a 24-hour survey. The “Take our survey!” link is gone again from the top bar of Gmail. And I didn’t get to convince my mom to take it. Google’s really not going to get many results like that, yanking surveys after under 24 hours. Though they might have been looking for a number of respondents, rather than a time, in which case I was likely one of the first (yay!). I hope they take the suggestions we all gave them to heart. I did realize that I forgot to request a birthdate field in the contact manager, and I didn’t mention that I wanted custom section names/item types back. Oh well, that’s what the Gmail suggestion form is for…


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  1. Karl K - McKinney, TX

    Yes, the solicitation to Gmail users to take the survey was withdrawn precipitously, BUT you CAN take the survey! That’s right! Just do a Google search of the WWW for “Gmail+Survey” and up it pops! You can voice your opinions (plus and minus) at the end of the survey, too — just like in the “real” survey!

    One funny thing: after you answer the questions and enter your remarks, the closing screen says:
    Your are very helpful, (your name)
    [an excess “r” on “You”]

  2. @karl: If you’re referring to the one on, I found another funny grammar error. The last question on the first page says “Proffesion” instead of “Profession”. Somewhat amusing…

    Part 2 also has “Dissagree” for one of the options on each question.

    Indeed, it says at the end, “Thank You dgw Your are very helpful.”

    I must have found the same survey. 😀 It’s probably not a Google survey, though.

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