Gdrive Rumors Surface Again

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Once again, the news media have latched onto the rumored Google Gdrive, hinted at as far back as last summer, before I even started blogging (much, at any rate). Since then, it’s all just died out. Until today, that is.

The Wall Street Journal published an article today that certainly brings those ideas to the forefront again. It reminds us of the notes Google leaked last year, the YouTube video they hid (“Googley Blues”), the Platypus login screen Google Blogoscoped published about, and the leaked Platypus client, among many other things. Those links go back to last March, but the WSJ says the product could be released within the next few months. I hope this time, the rumors are founded on concrete information.

Since discovering Tony Ruscoe’s list of Google service names, I’ve become quite interested in Google’s upcoming service releases. I have a few ridiculously named services in my account’s list — things like Online Assessment, Mobile Content Console, and SSD — that I got just by messing with Google URLs. Platypus isn’t one of them, though; it’s very well secured.

The WSJ notes that Google has been spending time developing software to make the Gdrive appear as just another disk as far as the computer is concerned. One of the goals here is to bring all user data together under one search box, again something I’d appreciate.

The goal to store 100% of user information (from the leaked notes) is ambitious, and I would love to have a Google Drive to store all my files. I wouldn’t mind paying money to get additional storage, either. Being able to upload all my documents, photos, and videos to a Google datacenter would be wonderful. The question is, will it happen sometime soon? At all?


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