Big DMCA Claim, All In My Drafts Folder

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Yep, that’s right; this copyright infringement fiasco has me drafting a DMCA notice in Gmail. I just completed going through an entire site that has copied all of my blog posts from the beginning of my pre-Blogger history through October 30. Talk about rude! I didn’t even get any links back, nor do the posts have attribution attached. Even if I were licensing under Creative Commons, I wouldn’t allow this. And the site is plastered with AdSense ads.

Did I mention I had to find over 200 of my posts? And list them all with their titles in an email? Now I have to grab all the links from this blog to prove I published the items, and include the publishing date for each item. I’ve already spent three hours on my list here; I think it’ll be another few before it’s done. And this is just one site. Argh! I hate plagiarism!!!

For reference, the site I’m reporting is tutorials [dot] mzwriter [dot] com. You’ll have to open a new tab or window and type that in yourself, decoding the bot blocks as you go; I’m not risking a rel=”nofollow” or even clear text on this one…

I get the feeling they update with new, illegally mirrored content every month or so, which gives me around two weeks to tidy up this DMCA crap and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten some good advice at the Performancing Forums.


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