Apostrophes Get Transformed to Quotes in Blogger Widget Titles

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Far be it from me to nitpick, but Blogger’s Layouts feature has a big problem, Google. An apostrophe (‘) in the title of a widget will be transformed, magically and inexplicably, into a double quote (“). This makes it impossible to use contractions or possessives in widget titles without making them look dumb. Please, fix it.

The only reason I complain is because I like to use apostrophes a lot, and seeing quotes (which look like two side-by-side apostrophes) where there should be apostrophes just bothers my inner grammarian. I edit Wikipedia to correct spelling and grammar mistakes whenever I find them. Now I’m going to start editing Google’s services. I haven’t actually found that many bugs, language-wise, in Google’s offerings, but for the ones I find, <humor>there will be no mercy until they’re fixed.</humor>


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  1. I have your same problem. I’m going to try using ’rather than ‘ and see whether it works.

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