Looks Like IE7 is Finally Arriving, But Windows Vista Bites

closeThis post was published 14 years 2 months 4 days ago. A number of changes have been made to the site since then, so please contact me if anything is broken or seems wrong.

Reviewing the site stats for this blog, I see a distinct prevalence of visits from IE7 users over IE6. Firefox still seems to dominate my hits, but Internet Explorer’s own little battle of the versions seems to be turning. A few months ago, not many people I knew used IE7; now I can see the trend clearly. It looks like the day may be coming when I can dump support for IE6 completely as regards my Web development and focus on IE7 fixes. Like the old IE5, version 6 of the venerable, annoying (to developers) browser may soon see its support dwindling in the website world. Not too many sites bother staying compatible with IE5 these days, since it’s not used much (my stats show no IE5 traffic at all, though I did get a hit from Firefox 0.9). Holding IE6’s hand with complex CSS layouts might be something I won’t have to do anymore come this time next year. I’d be ecstatic; I’m really tired of having three stylesheets…

While the newest version of IE is winning, however, Windows Vista seems to be losing to its older brother, XP. In the last few months, traffic from XP was more than five times the traffic from Vista. I think all the problems Microsoft has had with their newest baby have hit people where it hurts — the bugs threaten productivity — and kept them from upgrading. With Service Pack 1 in beta testing, the new OS might finally take off in the next few months, but I don’t expect to see too much growth before the new year.

It’s really quite interesting to see what browsers and operating systems people use. Lifehacker mentioned statistics for their site a while back, citing Firefox as the most popular browser on that site. It also has the lead on this one, ten percent ahead of IE between July 1 and now. Interestingly, the Macintosh OS has a lead over Linux, but it’s small; Mac OS has 16 visits, while Linux has 12. Under those, there are three “(not set)” visits, which apparently didn’t provide browser data. It will be quite interesting to see how these stats change in the coming months… Will Vista catch up to and/or surpass XP? Will IE take over Firefox? We shall see come December 31, when I’ll check the stats from today until then and note the changes in trends.

Update (12/2): The results have been tallied for the end of 2007. See who won!


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