Google Working On Its Own Health Project

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Hey, looks like I finally get to bash Google for copying. Not that I want to, but it is a refreshing change from Microsoft…

Anyway, Google Health, an information project similar to Microsoft’s HealthVault, will let people create a profile containing all their medications and medical records. Such a system would make activities like moving and traveling easier, since unfamiliar health-care providers can access a comprehensive overview of a patient’s medical history. The original leader of the project, Adam Bosworth, has since resigned, but the project itself is alive and kicking at Google. Health professionals were shown a prototype earlier this year, a product named (what else?) Google Health.

Personally, I’m probably much more likely to use a Google service than a Microsoft one, just because I already use Google for so much. If it integrates with existing Google Accounts, which it undoubtedly will, that’s great! The only problem would be figuring out how to have health-care providers like physicians and dentists gain access to the system and enter data on my behalf, and how they’ll know I have a Google Health profile if I’m seriously injured and unconscious on arrival, but solutions have certainly been worked out by Google, or will be before release.

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling of trust in Google, which may be another weapon in the war for my allegiances. I have never heard of a Google security leak. I’ve never heard of a Microsoft leak either, but Windows has more known and exploited vulnerabilities than Linux, which runs Google’s service infrastructure. I am excited, personally, for the release of this project, and I hope to see it launched before the end of the school year (maybe another April Fool’s Day launch, though I would be happier if it were earlier).


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