Gmail Storage Increasing Faster

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While waiting for the [email protected] statistics system to do its hourly update so I could check my statistics before hitting the sack, I noticed that my Gmail account’s storage counter seemed to have increased a day or two early. On a whim (since [email protected] was still locking me out of the stats), I checked the Official Gmail Blog, and noticed a post dated (assuming the blog runs on Mountain View time) about 15 minutes ago. It announces that Google will be increasing the speed of the storage counter and giving out more free space. Rob Siemborski, the Gmail engineer who posted the entry, also said that Google Apps customers using Apps Standard and Education Edition will see their storage begin to match Gmail’s counter (up from the current 2 GB). Premier Edition customers will see their storage go from 10 GB to (!) 25 GB.

When I read about the Infinity+1 storage plan, I figured I’d never use all the space, but then my storage percentage use began increasing, about one percent every few months. Since I’ve only been actively using Gmail for a little over a year, I’m only using four percent of my storage, but every time that number jumped it was like seeing, “Your storage is going to run out some day.” Now, hopefully, Google will have pushed the percentage increase interval from a few months to a year or more. Maybe if I keep my current average email volume, my percentage will stay the same. All I know is, Google deserves thanks for their new plans.


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